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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Maasai Splendour (complete with plastic roses)

KONDAKIS, Silk & Parachutes

My friend and designer Nike, 9 months along and still rocking her KONDAKIS silk designs, just adapted for a growing belly. Here (manning her stand at Bizarre Bazarre) she wears a mesh vest over her signature tan leggings. KONDAKIS clothes have a real of-the-earth, organic feel about them.
Assistant Ania wears a green parachute dress with weave detail, and silk worm cocoon earrings & bracelets. More KONDAKIS at
Switcheroo. Outfit is completely transformed.

Monday, November 7, 2011

MBELA Shows Collections for Swahili & Nigeria Fashion Weeks

For the day's crazy heat, I wore a sheer vest under a preppy cream blazer with blue trim. The gold pins are buttons I never sewed onto anything (because I can't sew). Designer host Patricia Mbela opted for all black and a feather hairpiece.
Model Achiko in Patricia Mbela
Super fashion blogger One Nigerian Boy (left) is in town. I could tell he was a blogger from a mile away. With him, Stylist Frank Naikuni. See more DRESSUPNATION coverage of the show at KenyaBuzz

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Biko Is Best-Dressed! - TORONTO LIFE

"Biko Beauttah, a Kenyan-born transgendered model, is always one of our favourites. Sure, she might sling a muppet fur over her arm, but we’re more into the flashy dress full of colour, perfect coif and attitude-filled stare." TORONTO LIFE
See my take on all this (*gushing*) in "Must be Nice. To Be This Fabulous" @ KenyaBuzz