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Monday, April 29, 2013



Image courtesy of TheYoungBlack& (

The baddest bitch Erykah Badu spotted on the beach in some majorly Masaai neckwear. I can only assume it's authentically from Kenya because she was here late last year and we were ALL at the concert. Beyond. 

Not sure about the fried bleached hair, but who am I to judge the style goddess that is Badu...

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Yesterday... Was My Birthday

At Le Palanka

Mamadou and Thierry on the balafon.
Chef Abegan brings out a cake of all things!

Then, a saxophone appears!

And theeen... the chef starts to sing! Turns out he sings opera. Ya.

Merci, merci!
Thank-you Mamadou and Valie!

Valerie is literally one of the warmest people I ever met. And we share a birthday.

At this age I thought I was unsurpiseable!

Many, many thanks to my Ivorian peoples Valerie & Tiemoko Coulibaly for hosting us, Chef Christian Abegan for the singing and the carrot cake, and the whole staff of Le Palanka (909 James Gichuru, Nairobi) for this stunning series of events!


Behind-the-Scenes at "Mashariki Mix"

Mashariki Mix Presenter Sarah Hassan in black blouse-skirt combo from Jorge's Wardrobe
An updo and leopard print earrings.
Sarah with co-Presenter Nic Wangundu

Watch Mashariki Mix weeknights at 19.30 on AfricaMagic channel 151 (M-NET). Dressupnation styles the links.

Shot at Sankara Hotel.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Launching a Photo Studio: Imagined Photography

Photographer Melissa de Blok invites us to the launch party at The New Stanley of her new luxury photo studio Imagined Photography.

Melissa de Blok of Imagined Photography

Radio personality Adelle Onyango with rapper Stella Mwangi 

Designers Anne Mpinga & Katungulu Mwendwa

Me, Marek, and our buddy Ian Cox
Ian Cox, Marek Fuchs, & Bart Sullivan

I wear my usual of-the-moment obsession of mixed-print combinations.

Congratulations Melissa, wishing you all the best with the new Imagined Photography (we'll hopefully be working together soon...). 

ALL images courtesy of The Event Photographer, thanks Mary Anne! Visit the link to see more images.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Take 5 (Minutes)

Yesterday at the horse races a stranger helped themselves into my bag (as it hung enticingly across my back) and took my:

1) Revlon Compact, Caramel
2) Phone

I'm still debating which loss devastates me more. At the risk of sounding melodramatic, the gaping absence of my phone gives me pause to think about the material things that we/I find important. It's not the hardware of the phone that I'm sorely missing, but what the phone represents in my life - my contacts, my blogging camera, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, email, all my photos for the last 6 months, my smudged fingerprints on the screen, my carefully selected screensaver, my Calendar, reminders, all my virtual tools of daily work and play. So it's not difficult to convince myself that the ridiculous petty thief I encountered yesterday (who may be able to re-sell my phone for a a third of its worth) has also taken from me a bit of my life.

But then I think of what a phone actually is  - A PHONE! - and I bring myself crashing back to the ground. In the grande scheme of life and love and memories and experiences and colour and sound and laughter and joy and loss and pain and nature and grief and gain, losing a phone is really not a big deal. In a day or two when the sting dies down, I'll saunter back to the store, pick another handset that suits my lifestyle and "personal aesthetic" and dote over it as much as the last. And life will continue without so much as a blink.

I'd do better to value the material things in my life that really mean something, the things that connect me to who I am than to a world full of ambient noise. The blouse my mom gifted me last week, retrieved from the bottom of a suitcase that hasn't been opened since the '80s. The costume jewelry I wear everyday, fashioned for hours at a kiosk in Kibera together with my friend Mr. Mwangi. My threadbare books from undergrad, recommended reading for a Literature degree that have become reference points for life. These things - they mean the world to me and are literally worthless to anyone else. It's probably these things (which will never, ever be stolen) that I should hold dear. Certainly more dear than a phone.

Chico Leco Presents

#ChicoLecoPresents Eden by Night by Kepha Maina.

This is a third of an 8-part series. Visit THE NEST for more.

Behind-the-Scenes at "Mashariki Mix"

Amina Abdi, Entertainment News Presenter at Mashariki Mix. She wears Jorge's Wardrobe.

She took off her layered bangles, dammit.
Presenter Sarah Hassan wears DRESSUPNATION.

Shot at Zen Gardens, Nairobi.

Watch entertainment variety show Mashariki Mix weeknights at 19.30 on AfricaMagic (MNET).

Friday, April 12, 2013

Adele Dejak: Launches Cloud9 Collection

11TH APRIL 6.30 – 9PM
RSVP ///

Model, Amrit.

Vandana Hart
Model, Namnyak.

Stylist/Fashion Writer Connie Aluoch
Jewelry designer Ambica Shah

Emma Cavendish, Marketing Director at Adele Dejak

I did mixed prints. Image courtesy of Closet49.

Much thanks to Adele and her team for the cocktails and the discounts! Incredible brand. See more and shop online at AdeleDejak.