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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Tribute to Menswear... for Girls (My favourite of all favourites!)

Menswear (for girls) is probably my heart's passion above all other sartorial passions. Neckties, and bowties, and tuxedo jackets, and paisley, and cropped pants, and waistcoats, and brogues, and spectators, and tweed, and horn-rim, and pocket squares, and crisp white button-down shirts. There's really nothing like the combination of all of these to make a girl really feel like a girl. It's ironic but true.

Diane Kruger and Janelle Monae do it, a lot, and not in the fashion fad way but in an organic really feelin it way. Bianca Jagger and Annie Hall too, for it seems the '70s really embraced some good androgyny. And for present day, there are so many magnificent ways to interpret the look - colour contrast, texture combinations, mixed print, minimalism, ecclecticism, and downright bravado - one need not feel like it's the caché of only the truly fabulous. Although, I take that back, it probably is.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

KikoRomeo Menswear Show: A Lotta Bowties


Ann Mcreath, Designer Kiko Romeo



Photo courtesy of Wambui Thimba

Video courtesy of Frankie Naikuni (Kenyan Stylista)

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