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Monday, December 17, 2012

VOGUE Cover January 2013

British VOGUE killed it with this one. Gwen Stafani of No Doubt has so much fashion cred it bites. Every new look trumps the last. Read the full cover story at Photograph by Annie Leibovitz.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Still On the Badu Tip

Miss Erykah Badu (left) shows us once again how excellent she is with the accessories. Tacky Masaai tourist necklaces have never looked so good. Thanks to the homie Laura Walubengo (right) for sharing this pic and inducing groupie envy everywhere.


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Mashariki Mix: It's Almost Season 2!

Episode 51 shot at The Bedelle

Presenter Sarah Hassan

Presenter Nic Wangundu

Tough day at the plantation. The Bedelle boutique estate is gorge! Really traditional and luxe and cosy and peaceful and right in the middle of the bougie suburbs of Nairobi (Runda). And my presenters look good too, non?

Mashariki Mix Season 2 begins in January, so continue to watch Tuesday nights at 7.30 on AfricaMagic (M-NET).

Could The Year End Any Better?

The ticket
Ms. Badu

I like beer. A beer company (EABL) brought us Badu.
Ann Mitaru & Janet Onyango
Wanjeri Gakuru & Nigel Mwaura
Me and my sister

An Ode to Badu

Okay, so the reviews on social media are out and it can be safely said that Erykah Badu's performance was a ridiculous hit. Just before the concert I rushed home and rifled around for her music, for a quick refresher as I got ready; I salvaged four albums: Baduizm (of course!), The Kabbah, Mama's Gun, & Worldwide Underground.  

Yes, Badu brought it (on a night that just happened to be the eve of Kenya's 49th Independence Day). To me, what took her show from being just superbly entertaining to being a pivotal moment in my life is that the music was about something. It had messages in it (musically and lyrically) that felt compelling to me. In that one show I was compelled to love myself, to be proud of my country, to feel in kindred spirit with the throngs around me, and to feel nostalgic for my youth - all at once. That old-school conscious hiphop thing lives in Erykah Badu.

When Baduizm came out in '97, it started a style revolution. Suddenly, ethnic fashion was the done thing: African prints & textures, statement jewellery, towering headwraps, dreadlocks... She glamorized the African goddess look, made it palatable to the masses. Of course, Badu has moved on from the faceless batik-wearing woman on the cover of that album that pretty much triggered the neo-soul lifestyle for so many soulheads like myself. But the essence of that album is firmly in place. Last night, in red pants (with a giant chain hanging hipster-style), blue sweatshirt, black boots (which came off halfway through the show), a lot of bangles, super long tresses underneath an old felt hat, and not a stitch of make-up, Badu was nothing you can really categorize style-wise. She was just herself.

Follow Erykah Badu on Twitter @fatbellybella, it's worth it.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

A (Secret) Project In The Making

Look who showed up and literally saved the day (makeup!) #SteveKoby
Stylist & Producer: Eddie Kirindo
Video: Em's Studio
"Do not sit on the wall"

Starring Designer/Stylist John Kaveke (world-renowned)
The Stars

At work in a leafy downtown alley

It's a wrap!
Why waste perfectly good facepaint?

Coming soon.