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Thursday, June 28, 2012


Image courtesy of The Mail Online

I saw this image and just couldn't leave it alone. Had to share (in XL format). It's taken from Wonderland, a series of photographs by artist Kirsty Mitchell taken in memory of her mother who died of a brain tumour in 2008. Read the story here.

Do we have fields of lavender in Africa?

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Cute, non?

Image courtesy of  Denise Gordon & Kaye Simeon (Facebook)

Which reminds me, FAFA (Festival for Fashion & Arts) season has kicked off. I just got my invitation to FAFA Insight 2012, the finale for Africa's Emerging Designers Competition where 18 new designers showcase their collections to a judging process. The winner will then 'walk' alongside elite fashion names at the FAFA Fashion for Peace Gala Night in November (always glam, always glitzy - thank you Ann McCreath).

FAFA - Festival for African Fashion & Arts

And then of course it'll all end with the requisite amount of partying at the FAFA Insight Afterparty with Cortega spinning and a "glamourafrique" dresscode. It remains to be seen what on this green earth I'm going to find to wear for this one...

Busy, busy...

Friday, June 22, 2012

La Lesso

Thanks AfricaFashion Guide for this preview. See current collections from Kenyan brand La Lesso here.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Two Designers & a Couple of Models

A Kila Kitu shirt is a statement on its own, let alone combined with Drapers shorts. Kila Kitu ("everything" in Swahili) is an established Kenyan-Canadian brand sold internationally; its playful combination of basic colours with bold print (floral in some cases) hearken it to the classic cowboy shirt - an imaginative twist on a casual classic. Drapers is a newer line, the brainchild of partners Liam Action & Kristian Lundby. Drapers are a bespoke product, also made from unconventional often textured fabric, and catering to the resurgence of the bermuda short for spring/summer. Both these brands represent the mischievious, increasingly androgynous, though still manly direction of menswear.

Here, a showcase of both.

Model, Tomas Maule in Kila Kitu
Tomas with Drapers designer Liam Acton
Model Hamed Coulibaly takes a tea break in Kila Kitu
Tomas in Drapers, me, & photographer Barbara Minishi (Barbara Minishi Photography)
Videographer Kuba Zahradnicek, Gecko Productions
Round sunglasses are still key, these are authentic '70's
Vintage hues & textures for men is alive and well

Hamed displays a modern way to mix prints, colours, & textures 

Real men know how to tackle pink; Hamed in Kila Kitu

Key themes: fit and colour

My recent fascination with men in florals exhibited here (in a wearable way)

Barbara with Drapers designer Kristian Lundby

Thanks to Kila Kitu's Bart Sullivan, and also Mr. Marek Fuchs for these thoughtfully captured behind-the-scenes moments. You'll see the official photos (Barbara Minishi Photography) and video (Gecko Productions) on this blog.