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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Kenyan Blogger Listed as a Lucky Magazine "Favourite"

Kenyan Fashion Blogger Nancie Mwai and her blog The Fashion Notebook has been mentioned as "13 of Our Favourite Fashion Bloggers From Around the World" by Lucky Magazine.

Fashion Blogger Nancie Mwai

What a coup for this young fashion enthusiast who we've watched diligently build her blog and brand one post at a time. Now that The Fashion Notebook has gone international, there's no stopping her, proving that it's actually possible!

See the Lucky Magazine article here.

Monday, July 29, 2013

I Won!

Third place winner Eddie Kirindo, myself, DEACONS CEO Muchiri Wahome, & second place winner Wambui Thimba.

Me and six other dedicated Stylists have been gearing up for this Zara launch for a long time. Retail giant DEACONS gave us a great deal of incentive with this contest that pitted a handful of prominent Stylists against each other. Read about the DEACONS Fashion Show and Stylist competition here and here.

Money in the bank! Image courtesy of Fotogeric

I'm really so proud and honoured to have taken part in this inaugural 'Best Stylist in Kenya' contest. More than that I'm thrilled that people are finally taking Stylists seriously!

Thank-you to the DEACONS Kenya team and their new Zara line. Buy, buy, and buy some more!

Will put up images of the Stylists' collections as soon as I can.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Pledge Allegiance to the Struggle

Mid rings (the type that fit above the knuckles) are really de rigeur. I love how fashion can be all about the details and less about the macro view. These I had designed by jeweller Nyokabi Kiarie of Nyokabi. Anyone who knows me understands my enduring love affair with hand-crafted brass baubles.

Contact Nyokabi at

"Pledge allegiance to the struggle"
                                                       - Work, Iggy Azalea

The fashion struggle.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Battle of the Fashion Stylists

By Laura Walubengo | Tue, 16 Jul 2013

Battle of the fashion stylists

Mashariki Mix stylist Annabel Onyango will have to tuck in her dreadlocks for this one. She has been picked alongside five others in her field to dress models on a runway later this month, to determine whose boss in the industry.

The Fashion lover, blogger and stylist who dresses show hosts Nic Wagondu, Sarah Hassan, and Amina Abdi every week, will be up against Wambui Kibue, Wambui Thimba, Connie Aluoch, Anyiko Owoko and Sunny Dolat, who are fashion stylists for different publications.

Deacons Kenya Limited is using the contest to officially introduce the Zara fashion brand into the Kenyan market.

“It will be a massive showcase to find out who is Kenya’s finest Fashion Stylist,” declared Deacons CEO Muchiri Wahome.

Mashariki Mix presenters Sarah and Nic

“…this fashion show is just a beginning of the many ways we are looking of partnering with local Kenyan stylists and designers. We are keen on making this an annual event,” he promised.

The show will go down in history on 28 July, and feature 21 models on a runway built at the brand new Thika Road Mall.

The dress code for the extravaganza is winter fashion and of course the clothes will be picked exclusively from all of Deacons’ stores.

The models will be as diverse as they come: male, female and children aged between 4-8 years.

Apart from the recognition, the overall winner will have bragging rights and a bounty of Sh100,000. Second and third place will earn cash prizes of Sh50,000 and Sh25,000 respectively.

Thanks for the support DSTV! See everyone on July 28th at the Thika Road Mall as it all goes down!

Behind-the-Scenes at the" Mashariki Mix" Photoshoot

Mashariki Mix Presenter Sarah Hassan wears Steve's Collection

Mashariki Mix Entertainment News Presenter Amina Hassan wears Closet49

The Presenters: Amina, Nic (in Limitless Reload) & Sarah

Watch Mashariki Mix weeknights at 19.30 on AfricaMagic (MNET).

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Subverting Stereotypes

I've been hearing her name for a while but it only just hit me how much I admire Iggy Azalea's game. I'm actually enamoured by her attitude and style. Not just her personal style, but her mind's style. She jolts you out of your preconceptions about pop culture, race, what people are supposed to be and do when they look a certain way. Life lessons for even the most open-minded among us.

Doooope interview by Iggy Azalea for Best of Hard Knock TV:

Her Work video is my latest 'on repeat' joint - "Work, work, work, work, workin on my shit". It's surprising, because I don't even like rap.

"Support what you like" - Iggy Azalea

Monday, July 15, 2013

ZARA Comes to Kenya. Finally.

Universally-adored fashion brand ZARA is finally landing at Nairobi retail outlet 4U2 (Deacons family). And we're involved in the launch! Here are the details:

Fashion is currently riding high in Nairobi! If you don’t see it or believe us, check this out—Kenya’s top Fashion Stylists drawn from Media Houses: Anyiko Owoko (KBC/UP Magazine), Wambui Kibue (Sunday Nation), Sunny Dolat (The NEST), Wambui Thimba (Standard), Annabel Onyango (Mnet), Connie Aluoch (Nairobian/True Love); as selected by Deacons Kenya Limited, will be battling it out at a unique fashion show later in the month in a creative challenge with a top prize.
For the launch of Europe largest lifestyle retail brand ZARA, Deacons Kenya has chosen the six stylists and fashionistas and tasked them to come up with a unique collection that will display all the brands stocked under Deacons, namely: 4U2, Baby Shop, Angelo, Woolworths and of course, the new ZARA.
Deacons Kenya Limited C.E.O  Muchiri Wahome is confident in the direction the franchise has taken in introducing a new brand in town. “It will be a massive showcase to find out who is Kenya’s finest Fashion Stylist. Deacons wants to do more for the local industry and this fashion show is just a beginning of the many ways we are looking of partnering with local Kenyan stylists and designers,” he said. Adding, “We are keen on making this an annual event.”
The Fashion Show, also Deacons debut for their collections will be held on July 28th at Thika Road Mall, and will feature 21 models strutting up and down the TRM runway. Overall winner will get a cash prize of KES: 100,000. Number two: KES 50,000 and the third stylist: KES: 25,000.
(We are obviously biased and are vouching for our Associate Editor, hoping she can take the entire office out for drinks, if she bags the top prize. )
      - UP!

Frothing at the mouth over this. Come join us on the day - July 28th at the Thika Road Mall.

Behind-the-Scenes at "Mashariki Mix"

Mashariki Mix Presenter Amina Abdi wears leather top & pants from Laddia (Bridget's, City Market Stalls) 

Mashariki Mix Presenter Sarah Hassan wears dress from Laddia (Bridget's, City Market Stalls)

Contact Laddia at (+254) 723134582

Shot at the Classic Mouldings showroom in Nairobi. Watch Mashariki Mix weeknights at 19.30 on AfricaMagic (MNET).

Saturday, July 13, 2013

AFRICA's Next Top Model!

ANTM model mentor Oluchi alongside her casting director Maria

The Africa's Next Top Model media launch happened tonight (Saturday 13th). This is the 2nd leg of the America's Next Top Model franchise, with Kenya auditions happening on Sunday, July 14th. Get the audition details here.

Will post photos of the evening shortly!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Look Who's In Town

Get the audition details at

And in other even more exciting news, my friend and MODAHNIK designer Kahindo Mateene has been selected  for Season 12 of PROJECT RUNWAY! Unbelievable! The show premieres in the U.S. July 18th. Check out Kahindo's bio here.

Kahindo Mateene, MODHANIK, Project Runway Season 12 contestant

Season 12 contestants

Good luck Kahindo, we'll be watching online!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Another Gem (There's Been a Lot Lately)

"Cherry Lady" -

So I obviously can't get enough of this silhouette - itty bitty top, midi pencil skirt. The quirky mixed prints takes it to another level of fabulous. The best of every day retro glamour.

Beyoncé for FLAUNT Magazine

Don't these beads look African to you? Doesn't a lot of what she puts out have a keen African edge? Either way, great image of Beyoncé here (as always) from Flaunt Magazine. She's too mainstream for me to outright admit that she's amazing, but you've gotta give credit where it's due. This African-referenced Chime for Change performance back in June is really her art at its peak for me:

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

DRUM Magazine Fashion: SAUTI SOL are "All Grown Up"

The DRUM Magazine fashion shoot with super-band SAUTI SOL was inspired by 1970's portrait photographers Malik Sidibe and Seydou Keita who brought out the personal flair of their subjects. Mixed African prints, a studio feel, and the checkered lino floor all hearken to an era of shameless posing and flamboyant personal style.

Pick up your July issue of DRUM today! ...And see the behind-the scenes here.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Easy Breezy

"On the Street... Viale Piave, Milan" - The Sartorialist

This is easy breezy perfection at its best - simple pieces that coordinate effortlessly to give you a perfectly modern and put-together edge. I've worn my stripe midi skirt to death this year, but it's a timeless silhouette so I have no shame. Visit the The Sartorialist to read comments on the look.

Striped knee-length skirt: a favourite go-to this year. Image courtesy of Miamis Silas.

Behind the Scenes at "Mashariki Mix"

Mashariki Mix Presenter Sarah Hassan wears peach peplum from Jorge's Wardrobe.

Shot at Zen Garden, Nairobi.
Makeup by Koby steals my sunglasses.

Mashariki Mix Entertainment News Presenter Amina Abdi wears Jorge's Wardrobe. Shot at The Boma.
Makeup by Koby

Hanging glass outside The Boma.

Watch Mashariki Mix weeknights at 19.30 on AfricaMagic (MNET).