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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Pretty, Pretty Things... in Capetown

Of the zillion incredible man-made things I loved in Capetown, I offer up a few. Clean and contemporary architectural lines set against an astounding natural landscape is what I think makes Capetown so unique. Plus the easy aesthetic the entire city seems to have in making its houses, restaurants, pubs, parks, shopping centres, markets, streets, toys, trinkets, furniture, food, everything.

There is also an eco-aesthetic at play in a lot of their design - recycled, re-purposed, re-used, vintage-fied, restored, re-invented - these are all words that describe this creative philosophy that you stumble upon at every turn.

Style in Africa is something of a luxury, yet effortlessly executed in this most unlikely of places. Colonial, contemporary, traditional all find their place in Capetown City. Joy!


Back-to-nature interiors store
Shell chandelier
deadwood chandelier
Shop front at the Cape Quarter

Clean & crisp
Kenyan design line La Lesso on sale

Kenyan nik-naks made from recycled flip-flops
Bead Emporium at the old Biscuit Mill

Melissa's Food Shop on Kloof St.

bar art
Checkered bathroom floor at the Cape Quarter

wall badges

cut-out curtain
from close up

Images courtesy of Gita Fuchsova (I was with her!)

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Joanna said...

I really enjoyed the pictures!! I like your style, so fabulous!