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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sharing the Spotlight with Whitney in the Sunday Papers (haaa...!)



"Locally the bloggers getting attention include Nancie Mwai's The Fashion Notebook, Sylvia Njoki and Annabel Onyango, a stylist who blogs under dressupnation.blogspot. Most of our bloggers double as Stylists and writers.... "
                                                                 - A Stylist's Style (Sunday Nation)

"Blogging is like journaling and the more regular you are, the more traffic you generate. If you are about the money and the fame do not start a blog. That is the first step to failure. Also, know your strengths when it comes to fashion. Is it streetwear? Accessories? Documenting people and places? Shoes? Jewellery? Find your forte and stick with it. Most of all, do it because you enjoy it."
                                       - Please Don't... Start Something You Won't See Through (Sunday Nation)

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angelindarkness said...

lovely blog, very stylish, street and chic