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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Quintessential Annabel and Marek

Today was the Czech National Day party at this really gorg place here in Nairobi. I'm an honourary Czech, so makes sense that I was there ;-) I wish I could've taken some blog pics of all the different characters, but it's not really appropriate at these diplomatic things... As for Marek and I, we were typically ourselves. 

Marek is suited, takes a break from the skinny tie
Venue, Lord Errol
Czech friends everywhere!

I wore this green on green combo, but what makes it interesting is that it was entirely sourced from the flea market, including the shoes and jewellery.

blouse - 100 shillings 
skirt - 50 shillings (tailored for 100 shillings)
necklaces x3 - 250 shillings each
sunglasses - 300 shillings
shoes (blue patent leather pumps not pictured here, but they were gooood) - 1500 shillings

TOTAL Ksh2800 ($33!)

The moral of the story is that you can't beat a great market bargain, no matter how fancy the crowd.

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