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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Crea House Presents...

Crea House, Kabete

Crea House is tucked away in leafy Kabete (Nairobi) and is home to design houses KOOROO and Le Collane di Betta. It's a warm, dreamy place full of treasure...

Designers Betta (La Collane di Betta) and Hebret (KOOROO) with an assistant (right).

Inside ARISE Magazine.

Betta and her assistants.

VOGUE Italia

Hebret Lakew (KOOROO) and Elisabetta Capolino (Le Collane di Betta) have created this little jewel of a place in the suburbs where you can indulge your sense of wanting to buy beautifully and locally. These two seem to make entirely different things, but their shared aesthetic for expertly-crafted fashion items and their quiet but dynamic creativity makes Crea House one of my best recent finds in the city.

Shop and see more of Kooroo and Le Collane di Betta, and be sure to visit Crea House for a taste of the ambiance, and to meet the faces behind the brands.


Jackie Janeffer said...

this is right up where i stay. very you discover this gems!very impressed

Anonymous said...

Posts like this are the reason why I love your blog. I'm so happy that you do more than outfits and re-posts from runway shows. You are an advocate and ambassador of sorts for all things Kenyan fashion. Keep up the good work Annabel!

LYDZ @Crowning Glory said...

Love the first photo! I have a thing for old colonial style houses:) Love the great fashion pieces showcased as well

wambui Ann said...

i looooove old houses too. I'm so visiting this place!!