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Monday, July 29, 2013

I Won!

Third place winner Eddie Kirindo, myself, DEACONS CEO Muchiri Wahome, & second place winner Wambui Thimba.

Me and six other dedicated Stylists have been gearing up for this Zara launch for a long time. Retail giant DEACONS gave us a great deal of incentive with this contest that pitted a handful of prominent Stylists against each other. Read about the DEACONS Fashion Show and Stylist competition here and here.

Money in the bank! Image courtesy of Fotogeric

I'm really so proud and honoured to have taken part in this inaugural 'Best Stylist in Kenya' contest. More than that I'm thrilled that people are finally taking Stylists seriously!

Thank-you to the DEACONS Kenya team and their new Zara line. Buy, buy, and buy some more!

Will put up images of the Stylists' collections as soon as I can.


LYDZ @Crowning Glory said...

Well done! Stumbled on your blog today from a similar article on Capitalfm loving it!

Miss Vavavum said...


Joan said...

Congratulations and well done. I went to the Zara store at 4U2. I have to say I was sorely disappointed. Most of the clothes I saw in store and bought some last year summer and winter seasons. The clothes had been on sale several times in Europe and you can see the marked down price tags. I will keep checking though am sure this is progress in the right direction I know eventually we will have our very own Zara store