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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Launching The Spa at Hemingways

Yesterday marked the launch of The Spa Hemingways. Attached to the colonial-influenced architecture and design of the newly-constructed Hemingways Hotel Nairobi in the leafy suburban neighbourhood of Karen, is this spa that carries that same mood and theme. With its plantation-like opulence, Lamu-carved doors, gigantic Indonesian lampshades and carvings, fresh-cut flowers at every turn, earthy ambiance, and gentle-looking staff floating around, Hemingways Spa is therapeutic luxury as best as you could define it in East Africa. Here, a snapshot:

The more than delightful Katy Whitfield, Hemingways Spa Manager
Stylists reunited over cocktails: Wambui Kibue, Wambui Thimba, and me.

Find The Spa Hemingways on Marula Lane in Karen, Nairobi, or contact Spa Manager Katy Whitfield at for more info on this dreamy city retreat.

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Katy whitfield said...


Thank you for coming, it was an absolute pleasure to have met you.