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Monday, January 9, 2012

Groundbreaker: SuzieBeauty Launches Premier Makeup Line... and its Fab! Obviously.

Late last year, Suzie Wokabi formally launched Kenya's first makeup line SuzieBeauty. She built the collection herself from thin air - everything from concealers and eye-shadows to brushes. The collection will retail in East Africa and the SuzieBeauty team has been available for consultation for some time now. Reach them at
I styled Suzie simply in a champagne-hued sheath dress, referencing the earthy SuzieBeauty brand colors. The brass cuff, drop earrings, & stone ring are a mix-&-match combo sourced in a Kibera market.
The SuzieBeauty team

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SuzieBeauty said...

Thanks honey - this is great! xoxo