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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Fashion High Tea: A Blogger's Paradise

                                                Photo courtesy of Nairobi VIP Parties
                                                                Photo courtesy of Nairobi VIP Parties
                                                                              Photo courtesy of Roy Wachira

I wore a classic me combo of mixed prints and knee-high socks. The hat I made out of some frill ripped from the collar of an old dress I never wear; I'm not usually that industrious, so that surprises even me.

All the ladies and gentlemen made a herculean effort this year. Fashion High Tea is rapidly becoming the Royal Ascot of Nairobi - sponsors and brands clamouring over each other for attention, hats, hats, more hats, people watching, hungry photographers, and of course, bloggers. The drinks flowed endlessly (well, until 7pm when the cleaning crews practically pulled the chairs from under us), many of my lovely friends were there, and I haven't had that much fashion fun in, well, ages.

See more of the story and more photos at KenyaBuzz. Special thanks to Grace Makosewe, Nairobi VIP Parties.

1 comment:

chulala said...

wow!! great blog and photos i so love dang!!! i culd make it to the event
anyhu been hhearing much about u when i was in london and i told myself that when i come back to kenya i will so interview on my blog and its been hard getting you anyhu come thru my fashion blog some time and my twitter handler is @saidiChulala