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Monday, March 5, 2012

Blankets, wine, and a hell of a lot of fine-lookin people...

Photo courtesy of Nikki Thames
Photo courtesy of Nikki Thames
Photo courtesy of Charity Namnyakova

"I stopped going to Blankets about a year ago. It had just gotten too big. I couldn’t reconcile the peaceable atmosphere of Tayiana Gardens (basically a small patch of green grass surrounding a quaint pond) with the new, heftier venue of Hillcrest (a large, treeless field). There was no shade at the new place, parking was a bit of a nightmare, and on arrival you faced a gauntlet of booths selling anything from flip-flops to insurance. Blankets had gone corporate..."

Read the rest of the story at KenyaBuzz.

Blankets & Wine is an ongoing music festival held at Mamba Village, Nairobi. The spirit of music and human colour it continues to create is truly something to behold. Blankets XXXII featured musical talents Anto Neosoul, Atemi, & South African Lira. Contact Muthoni Ndonga for more info.


Ruth said...

Thanks Annabelle! Great photos, we had to look for us, and we found us! :) X Ruth

Info-tainment Kenya said...

This year's BnW was a far too much over-crowded