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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Lake Turkana: People & Baubles (& now oil)

The Lake Turkana Festival 2012 is a-comin, and I'm seriously considering how to get ourselves up North for some bush-bashing, tribal exploration, and cultural confusion. I've been resistant up until now (in light of the treacherous car journey and general lack of food & water up there). It's timely since the talk of the town today is of how the Kenyan government has discovered oil in Turkana County, and how a once-ignored part of the country is about to be inundated with attention. It all smells of doom and gloom to come, so I should probably go (to discover some native jewelery and things) before the place becomes obliterated by civilization.

These Eric Lafforgue (2009) images are probably the best illustration of the texture and otherworldly beauty of the people of Lake Turkana and their beaded, shell, leather, & metal adorments. Must go.

It's hard to stop looking.

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