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Monday, June 11, 2012

Quiet Weekend

Sooo... it was such an uneventful weekend style-wise. Didn't go to any notable parties or events, so I thought I'd re-visit something I did the weekend before - Cote d'Ivoire Night. I only took photos of Marek and I (mini photo-shoot!) because the venue was dark and everyone was too busy dancing (zouk, coupé décalé,...) to bother with posing, understandably.

I wore an orange hat and blouse in reference to the Ivorian flag (orange, white, green). The hat is a hand-made creation by my friend Lorna of Kanga Kulture which I figured was appropriate with that touch of African fabric ("pagne"). Marek is wearing his favourite colour grey with a bronze pocket kerchief and a leather neck-tie I bought him years ago but he never wears. Pity I couldn't capture the display of Ivorian finery that featured amongst the guests... I will do better next time.

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