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Thursday, June 7, 2012

God Save the Queen (of England), she really is lovely.

The Queen's Diamond Jubilee partying ended yesterday along with it's requisite parade of ridiculously regal outfits and all those stunning McQueen creations (worn by Kate Middleton, ofcourse). I would be remiss if I didn't offer a humble homage to The Queen herself, who I really do like, being a humble colonial subject myself. Below, a pick of my favourites (sartorial choices) over the years from a woman who really does understand style and poise in a way that you and I never will.

Queen forgoes an elaborate hat for a graphic print scarf, Fiji, 1977
Queen in a vibrant skirt suit, Solomon Islands, 1982
Queen and Mr. Mandela in the battle of loud prints
Queen embraces the swinging sixties in A-line coat & shift dress, India, 1961; I would wear that hat today.
Queen in a metallic embossed gown, Kuwait, 1995
Queen in full-on vintage flair in Fiji, 1977
Queen in hot pink and chartreuse florals, a good chunk of time before neon makes a universal comeback
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