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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Behind-the-Scenes: The Band (Murfy's fLaW) Gets a (Much Needed) Makeover

The band Murfy's fLaW before we came around...
Beryl (Mashariki Mix Producer/Coordinator) and I  
Koby the makeup boy wonder
Reema, lead vocals
Jojo, keyboard
Nine, lead guitar
Jozie, bass guitar
Vicky, drums

Producer Dickie (foreground) thinks it's all very hilarious
Stills shot by Emmanuel Jambo

Crazy difference, right? Kinda like Nelly Furtado going from I'm Like a Bird to Promiscuous Girl, ha. I cannot thank Nairobi retail partner LIMITLESS RELOAD enough for being so magnanimous and letting me "shop" from their store for all the wardrobe. Murfy's fLaW were just a superb bunch, giving me free reign (more or less) and trusting me to do what I thought was needed (within reason). Their albums Makosa and Hello Light are available for purchase, you can visit their Facebook page. It's all done courtesy of Mashariki Mix of course, Tuesday nights on AfricaMagic channel 128, 21.00 CAT.

Who can resist a juicy makeover?? *rubs hands together*


Kezia Omuodo said...

Murfy's fLaW looking fresher than ever.. great job !!

Fiona A said...

wow! thses guys looks amaze balls! great job AnnaBelle :)

Annabel Onyango said...

Aw, much thanks Fiona and Kezi :-)