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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Thought of the Day

It's no longer enough just to put it all together really well; now you have to be an "individual", a unique thing, vastly different from the rest.

Or did we know that already?

See's Style & the City: Humans of New York Spotlights Creative Individuals 

"The personality of New York is expressive, individualistic, and creative - I just photograph people doing their own thing."

And in the NY Times Street-Style: Afro Punk Musical Festival slideshow:

"Monstah Black, a designer, arrived wearing clear-framed glasses, and striped pants for his label Rompha Monstah.

My style reflects the way I like to live my life, free from judgement glowing with individuality and glistenoing with punk" he said."

"Jamie Williams, 22, brought attention to her hairpiece, making her a crowd and Twitter favourite."

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