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Friday, June 7, 2013

"The Great Gatsby" Was.... Everything!

This premiere is the kind of thing I live for, naturally. Period film and themed parties and two of my faves combined! I wore a wine-coloured vintage dress I've had in my closet forever, along with a sparkly headband and a lot of string pearls. So committed was I to the theme that I even dug out and put on some very girly, very matchy-matchy vintage-look earrings (I never wear earrings). My now curly hair went up and up!

And we had to give Mashariki Mix Presenter Nic Wangundu a 1920s do-over as well...

The critics have been unforgiving, but I for one loved The Great Gatsby. The Art Direction and Costume Design were sublime - a riot of colour and vintage styling with a modern edge. I am forever a fan of Director Baz Luhrmann serving up classic stories and making them relevant to contemporary culture.

Either way, super evening! Many thanks to Destination Magazine and SHK Consulting for the pleasure.

This movie is a styling gem - classic all-American menswear & ladies dressed to the nines to sit at home.

Emma Cavendish of Adelle Dejak (left), Aprelle Duany, CEO KikoRomeo (right)

Shreya Karia, Director SHK Consulting, Brennen Matthew, Chief Editor Destination Magazine
Bree Wanjiru, SHK Consulting, Chimano of Sauti Sol, model Rashid Robert
Actor Gerald Langiri & Musician/Actress Patricia Kihoro
Miriam & Robert Crippa of Oltre Fashions, with Bree of SHK Consulting
Fashion blogger Ess with Diana Opoti of Designing Africa
Nic Wangundu, Presenter Mashariki Mix
New friends: Aprelle Duany of KikoRomeo and me.

The Great Gatsby opens in Kenyan theatres on June 7th. That's today.

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