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Monday, September 2, 2013

DINKA TRANSLATION: by Katungulu Mwendwa

Katungulu Mwendwa's latest offering is officially here. The new collection stays true to the Kenyan designer's minimalist aesthetic and neutral palette - blacks, greys, nudes - with a focus on draping, layering, and unexpected shapes and dimensions. Mwendwa's clothes are clean and unfussy, yet extremely well made. With fashion personality Namnyak Charity Odupoy as her muse, Katungulu Mwendwa takes Kenyan fashion to a place that may challenge some local consumers, but will fit very comfortably in a more discerning international scene.

Model, Namnyak Charity Odupoy

Meanwhile at DINKA TRANSLATION, the Katungulu Mwendwa presentation ...

Designer Katungulu Mwendwa (centre)

Katungulu Mwendwa is now accepting orders: 

Shoot photography by Cranium Ink at The Shifteye Gallery. All event images courtesy of Magiq Lens, see more here.

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Joan L'lanziva said...

I agree with you that her minimalist design might not be up to the taste of many Kenyans however don't underestimate Kenyan appreciation for fashion. I tend to think the thing that will hinder Kenyans is the cost and accessibility cause not many people know the designer nor do they know where her clothes are stocked. Thanks to second hand clothes we have become a nation of cheapies almost all Kenyan fashion blogs i read the most expensive thing was bought in toi or gikomba. On the hand I think her Katungulu's designs are amazing very well thought through and executed. the minimalist theme really comes through