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Monday, September 23, 2013


Today is the third day of a terrorist siege being held at a popular mall here in Nairobi. Westgate Mall is a shopping centre where my mom and I go every Saturday to grocery shop and generally hang out. As usual, last Saturday (September 21st) we were on our way there when a horror story we couldn't conceive in our wildest nightmares was unfolding: Terrorist gunmen stormed the mall shooting indiscriminately at innocent civilian men, women, and children. Many escaped, many are dead or unaccounted for. As things stand, the gunmen are holding an undisclosed number of hostages within the mall while security forces plan a rescue operation. The entire city is now under siege. Our hearts are literally under siege.

We are hoping and praying and praying and hoping in turn. Please join us in thoughts of goodwill and prayer for this situation to be resolved. Our lives are on hold until people's lives are saved.

#Westgate #PrayFor Kenya #WeAreOne

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