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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Kazuri Beads: A Day Out

I go to the Kazuri bead factory about once a year, usually with visiting friends interested to see the cottage industries in the city and how they work. Kazuri Beads is a fairtrade initiative that enlists disadvantaged single mothers in the production of beads and pottery - not a new concept, but I think a good one. It's such a charming little place tucked away in Karen, with such nice ladies on the 'assembly line'. And who doesn't love a big pile of painted beads?

Beads are hand-moulded out of ceramic dough, one at a time
On the 'factory' floor

Assorted pottery ready for the oven
Sun-dried beads

Bead abacus
Stringing beads together to create jewelery
Decades-worth of bead storage, from as far back as the '70s

Bead paint
Elaborate beaded mural
Surrounded by finished product - beads & pottery of all colours & shapes
My Kazuri mug that I use every second of every day (that's a guinea fowl in case you can't tell)


Anonymous said...

I believe that the fashion industry will be a very big industry judging from the way things are going. Lets be honest, in Kenya we need such industries to grow to increase employment.
Kazuri is a good example of this and if we keep going in this direction, i believe we are on the right track.
Your blog is amazing btw, love your work.

Check me out on
still new but working on it.

Annabel Onyango said...

Thanks so much for your feedback :-)