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Tuesday, May 15, 2012


I am OBSESSED with lace (nothing new there). I'd like to think that the reason for this isn't because it's crazy trendy and everywhere right now, but because it's so cute and girly and old-school, kind of matronly, and a little kitsch, like myself. This season, if it ain't lace, I ain't wearing it.

This lace waterfall sweater was a gift from one of my vendors, paired with a  vintage jumpsuit.
This slate-coloured lace skirt is from MR PRICE, an oldie but still a goodie.
My favourite silhouette: another laced/eyelet skirt paired with a masculine shirt.
Scheen (formerly of Closet49) helped me pick out this lace-panelled burgundy number.
Another burgundy & lace combo, except the bodice of this sweetheart top is velvet, if you look close.
Classic Annabel: lace mini dress with a lacy flower halo (formerly a necklace & birthday gift from Gita Fuchsova in Prague).

To follow... my friend Jana is visiting from Czech Republic and on one of her Nairobi 'adventures' (a.k.a. gorging herself on clothes in the market) she got me this beyond cute pleated dress with lace bodice that I intend to wear as soon as is humanly possible, and I shall post the pic HERE. Waiting with baited breath.

A few days later...

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