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Sunday, November 18, 2012

FAFA 2012: It Finally Happened

Ok, so I haven't blogged in fully a week. It's been a blur of a work week, which all culminated in the fashion madness of **drum roll** FAFA 2012! I write about the Festival for African Fashion & Art (Fashion for Peace) all the time so you should already know what it is and how important it is on the Nairobi fashion calendar.

Here's a snippet of what went on:

On arrival. This is the face of eager anticipation. Great seats, right?
The stage is set.
The first collection is by FAFA Insight Emerging Designer winner Jamil Walji (Kenya).

Designer: Azra Walji (Kenya)

Designer: Galina Tatarinova (Russia)

Designer: Gloria Wavamunno (Uganda)

The press line
Designer: Anna Adero (Kenya)

Designer: KOOROO (Ethiopia)

Designer: Nike Kondakis (Denmark, Kenya)

Designer: Zekaryas Solomon (UK)

Designer: Kiko Romeo (Kenya)

FAFA Founder and Kiko Romeo Designer Ann McCreath with daughter Iona
Designer: MUDI Africa (Nigeria)

Designer: Deepa Dosaja (Kenya)

Feathered accessories by Kapoeta

Designer: Monica Kanari (Kenya)

Designer: John Kaveke (Kenya)

Designer: B'Exotiq (Ghana)

Designer B'Exotiq with the dapper Marek Fuchs
DJ Zelalem
...his music was half the show
Designer Wambui Mukenyi & Fashion Blogger Nancie Mwai 
FAFA Founder Ann Mcreath, Presenter Martin Keino, & Muthoni the Drummer Queen 
My friend, Designer Nike Kondakis

Big, big thanks to Marek Fuchs for being my private photographer (all images are courtesy of him and his patiently putting up with my barking orders); I was a little too frenzied to take my own (obviously). It was literally like having all my friends under one roof (tent in this case). Plus there were a few too many drinks...
I just had a really good time, because as a fashion person this is just the kind of moment you wait for. You wait to be presented beautiful things, to eat something yummy, and hang out with a bunch of people just like you.

Many other thank-yous are in order: Valerie Coulibaly (Africasens), Arnolda Shiundu along with the rest of the vast FAFA team, and of course my friend Ann McCreath who created this whole thing and always just gets the job done. We do it all again next year I hope.

See more pics and read the full story at Kenyabuzz.

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