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Sunday, November 4, 2012

My Fave Singer (not Amy Winehouse) Comes to Nairobi

Dwele (Andwele Gardner) is easily one of my favourites of all time. Back in the old days (college) when I was a neo-soulhead I used to listen to his songs walking to and from class - rain, snow, shine. I know every lyric, every spoken word, every riff. Then, Blankets & Wine announced that he was coming to town...

Then they cancelled due to "scheduling conflicts", and my heart squeezed itself in the recesses of my body. But then (2 months later) he came. Below is the captured moment of our initial encounter. Marek and I were lucky enough (thanks to some pretty awesome friends) to meet Dwele and company at Onami for beers and live music. As is evident in this pic, I'm nervous as fuck. It was all so sudden, I didn't even look cute.

And then again at a private dinner party the following evening at Brew Bistro (even more awkwardness):

But then he left kinda early with his entourage to go back to the hotel... and the party really started. Below, Mikul (@EatOutKenya) and I basking in Dwele glory without him even being there (less pressure).

For the occasion of formally meeting my adored Dwele I wore (below) a mixed print combo and little sweater over my shoulders because it was raining in torrents all night. Not that anyone cared; the double beers are for the sheer exhilaration of having sat with him for an extended period of time, asked him all my corny questions, professed my undying love, taken pics, and now I just needed to get drunk.

Dwele performs tomorrow afternoon at Blankets & Wine XXXX.

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