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Monday, November 26, 2012

What I Wore

"The Upstairs", The Launch
November 16
Image courtesy of Generali Njogu
I am still obsessed with this striped skirt that I bought months ago from Mr. Price (Ksh 1,800). This skirt literally goes with everything. Mixed prints were born to go with stripes. I've paired it with a leopard print before, even more stripes, pink, and neon. Here for the first time I wore it with a crop top and boots. I'm not typically a fan of exposed navel, but once in a while...

Fashion for Peace Gala 2012
November 17
Image courtesy of Generali Njogu
Black velvet. Certainly a first for me but the suit worked out because I had it tailored to fit exactly. I bought it at the last minute, since menswear is my classic fall-back for events, especially one as important to me as FAFA. It's not the most slimming look in the world, but that's always the downside of textured fabrics. One great advantage is that I stayed warm the entire night and didn't have to wear towering heels to make it work.

TRIBE HOTEL Pop-Up Design Store, Cocktail Launch
November 20
Image courtesy of Lydia Kim
Pictured here with my new fashionable friend and photographer Lydia Kim, I wore this cut-out blouse with my trusty leather leggings and clogs. I was a tad under-dressed for cocktails but my week didn't allow me the mental strength to do more. Lydia on the other hand looked superb in her graphic print blazer. Her hair is some of the best hair in Nairobi, so this post is really about her.

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