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Friday, March 29, 2013

Behind-the-Scenes at "Mashariki Mix"

Presenter Sarah Hassan in dress by Wambui Mukenyi.

...council with Swahili Producer Sanaipei Tande.
Makeup by Koby.

Introducing... Amina Abdi for Mashariki Mix entertainment news
Amina wears a peplum top from Avid Style and skirt by Wambui Mukenyi.

Watch entertainment variety show Mashariki Mix weeknights at 19.30 on AfricaMagic.

1 comment:

Haji said...

If I were Sarah I would be walking around in a dress made of literal gauze bandages: if you've got it, werk it!

I see the braiding done very carefully at the front to avoid straining the hairline, why didn't I think of that?

Great blog, this is Over-Sharer number one over and out.