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Monday, March 4, 2013

Today I Voted: A Story in Pictures

Marek & I arrive at Milimani Primary School at 5.30am, ready to brave the lines!

My old Adidas track suit that I NEVER wear, and my A's snappy that I love.

Epic crowds.

Once inside, the guy looks for my name on the list. The biometrics system was apparently not working.
I cast my presidential ballot first. Woohoo!
Freedom/love/peace! We leave the compound and celebrate on the street, very starving but very**happy** we head straight to the only open greasy breakfast place (Java House) for some eggs and the papers. "Never Again".

It was a great feeling to vote for change for my country today. No regrets. As the results unfold over the next couple of hours and days, we pray only for peace and love to keep our country safe. Thanks Marek for being my personal photographer ;-)


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