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Monday, February 11, 2013

Fashion High Tea 2013

The outdoor area of FHT at Zen Garden, before the well-heeled throngs arrive.
Hair and makeup masters respectively, Randolph Gray & Steve Koby.
Gracious FHT host Shivani Radia MD of Zen Garden

Stylist Eddie Kirindo

Photographer Emmanuel Jambo flirts with FHT organizer Grace Makosewe 
Designer Anne Mpinga

Mr. Marek Fuchs, the dapper Larry Jakanoi (who flew in from Dubai for this!) & me in my tulle hat. Image courtesy of Nick Klaus.

This is really just a selection, there were dozens of beautifully and thoughtfully dressed party people at the Fashion High Tea. Zen Garden is really the best of places for these glamorous afternoons of sipping cocktails and eating canapees. It's a day that may be out of reach for a lot of people (that sushi buffet doesn't come cheap), but for those lucky enough to be included, it's a pleasure every time. 

See the full story at Kenyabuzz

All images except the last courtesy of Tahir Karmali of; him and I make a great team, thank-you dahling.

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