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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Pampered! By REVLON.

So I told you how I got that gorgeous gift box and invitation for an "afternoon of pampering" from the people over at REVLON. I now know that those people were Sonali Shah (Cosmetics, Nakumatt) and Shreya Karia (SHK Consulting). It may sound completely overdue but REVLON is finally launching (officially) in Kenya. At the cosmetic department of Nakumatt to be specific, Kenya's largest supermarket chain.

And so we were treated to a taste of what is to come:

The REVLON 'Day of Pampering' invitations; that feeling when a fancy package all for you is delivered to your door.


The setup. The SANKARA Hotel courtyard.

The desert bar
Sonali Shah (Cosmetics Dept. at Nakumatt)

Shreya Karia of SHK Consulting and a macaroon.

With the gorgeous Suzie of SuzieBeauty (left) & model stunner Elsie Njeri (centre)

REVLON gift bags

I think most outsiders don't realize how under-developed retail and cosmetics are in this country. There have always been fake products (MAC, L'Oreal, Estee Lauder, etc...) flooding the market, and you're usually forced to send people travelling away to bring you back what you need. As the mood for makeup has developed, we now proudly have SuzieBeauty, the first ever homegrown Kenyan makeup brand. Now more than before, more and more brands are interested in us as a market; hopefully soon Sephora will no longer be the stuff of our dreams.

The afternoon of pampering hosted by REVLON was an exclusive and hyper-girly event (just what I needed; just what I always need) designed to make us understand what the brand is about. If you can't seduce women with manicures, massages, makeovers, chocolate, wine, gossip, a lot of roses, and the best salad bar I've had in a good while, then there's no hope.

I'm excited. If you're in Nairobi, look out for the REVLON counter at a Nakumatt near you. Oh, and I've tried the makeup (we got gift bags); The New Complexion Powder (Caramel No.15) is officially my fave discovery of the new year.

REVLON Colourburst Lip Butter. They gave us all one. I love it.

Images courtesy of REVLON.

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