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Friday, February 8, 2013

Grand Opening: BoConcept

Last night M and I attended the opening of a furniture store, which was a first for me. Not just any furniture store though - BoConcept. Heard of it? Well its a Danish design line that's opened its doors in Nairobi.

A Danish design store might seem unusual for the old Nairobi, but this is the new Nairobi. This chic aesthetic for life is the new frontier. And with all these new glass buildings popping up around town to house them, let's hope this is only the beginning.

View of the BoConcept showroom from the parking lot.

The BoConcept concept is about European minimalism. Long, clean lines, seamless wood, some textured fabrics (goatskin cushions and carpets...), industrial lamps, and colourful statement home accessories (vases, knickknacks, shelves, etc...).  The prices were of course eye-wateringly on the high side (not for the faint of pocket), marked clearly in Euros. It's an upper-middle class project obviously.

The store display; sorry, a little blurry.
The foyer display. Me acting nonchalant. It's one of those brand spanking new Nairobi buildings.
Inside the store with Hawa & Marek. Image courtesy of SHK Consulting.
We had a couple of vodka cocktails and chatted with some lovely Danish Embassy people. Then on the way out we spied this adorbs Parisian-style cafe across the way called MAMA'S Fine French Patisserie

Fancy! Our town has arrived!

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